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I’m in love…

In Food, Love/Relationships on September 3, 2009 at 4:01 am

I’m in love with several foodies. Truth be told, I have an entire harem full of foodies. They are television personalities who possess a passion for food that radiates off the screen and leaps from the pages of their cookbooks. They are savvy and sexy, giving every morsel of food they touch an extra dash of charm. Here are some of my food crushes (in no particular order) and what I would love to have them prepare just for me…

Nigella Lawson – I mean, just look at her. She’s absolutely gorgeous and a perfect example of just how sexNigella Lawsony Zaftig really is. I would love to sit in her kitchen while she explains how to cook just about anything. This woman could make toasting bread sound and look interesting… On the fantasy menu: Plenty of comfort food and girl talk.

Giada De Laurentiis – She’s beautiful, personable and she knows food. I am inspired to try something new each time I watch Everyday Italian. And she has the unique ability to combine classical training and a relaxed vibe that makes her techniques a joy to watch. And the producGiadation quality of her show is outstanding. On the fantasy menu: Her Chicken Saltimbocca.

Sam The Cooking Guy – If you haven’t seen him on Discovery Health, I recommend you check him out. He is my own little mirepoix of charming wit, geek and foodie. Sounds about perfect to me. On the fantasy menu: sam cooking guyHis Feta Stuffed Lamb Burgers.

Bobby Flay – Oh, Mr. Flay… How I adore his snark and his skills in theBobby_Flay kitchen. He possesses an air of confidence and cool that is positively sexy… I love the understated yet palpable fire that smolders in him. On the fantasy menu: His Grilled Maine Lobster Tails Smothered in Cascabel Chili Butter.

G. Garvin – I just want one night at the chef’s table. Just one… On the fantasy menu: His Paella, smooth jazz, and a warm, earthy cab.G. Garvin

Who’s your food TV crush? And what would you love them to prepare for you?

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