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Like (but better than) peas and carrots…

In Uncategorized on October 13, 2009 at 4:49 pm

Photo by Tom Curtis

Photo by Tom Curtis

Peanut butter and jam. Hummus and pita. Sweet potatoes and cinnamon.

Some things just go together.

With crisp days, clear skies and plenty of leaf peeping, I start to crave the delicious (and, dare I say, diabolical) duo of cake doughnuts and apple cider. I don’t know many people who can resist a cake doughnut, what with its slightly firm and crusty honey-brown exterior that gives way (with a delectable crunch) to a light, moist and fluffy center. The best are the rather substantial ones with a bit of homemade heft. And they must have those glorious, toothsome ridges on the bottom, all without leaving so much as a hint of a greasy film on the palate. And real, fresh apple cider is a treat, whether it’s served cold and refreshing or hot and soothing, finished with a cinnamon stick.

The family and I going on a hayride at a local farm this weekend, where we will pick out pumpkins and have our fill of cider. Then it’s back home for some messy Jack o’ lantern-ing, doughnut making and seed roasting… Good times. I’ll post recipes and pictures this weekend.

What are some of your favorite fall treats? What food or drink do you crave when the leaves turn and the temperature drops?

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