Nicci Morris

Salts to taste…

In Food on November 6, 2009 at 8:11 pm

I love food. I love the holidays. Combine the two and I’m like a kid on Christmas Eve. It’s just a week after Halloween and I’ve already heard holiday music in the stores. Time to get shopping!

One of the cooler food-related gifts I’ve seen is this salt sampler in a beautiful bamboo box. It’s a collection of 24 salts from around the world. It’s a bit pricey at $114 (recession!), but the experience of all those different flavors could be worth it for the fervent foodie in your life.

I love trying salt from all over the world. The difference in texture, salinity, color etc… all add to the cooking and dining experience. Salt is a vital part of your diet and necessary for proper metabolism. I find that using better quality salt results in the need to use less salt. So you get more flavor and less salt, which translates to more delicious food and less water retention, bloating and fewer issues with blood pressure…

My favorite salt yet? HimalaSalt, a brand of salt from (you guessed it) the Himalayas. It has an incredibly pure taste and a pretty pink hue. I also like that particular brand because the company supports sustainable sourcing. My advice: Keep an eye out next time you’re trying to get the max for the minimum at TJ Maxx. I often find HimalaSalt there and it’s far cheaper there than anywhere else I’ve seen it. Try it and give your palate a brand new taste experience!

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