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Fitting in fitness

In Food on January 4, 2010 at 3:07 pm

Happy New Year, everyone! How did you ring in the new year? If it involved resolutions, I wish you well but also sort of wish you hadn’t…

Instead of resolutions, I push REal SOLUTIONS! Rather than peg changes to the day of the week, season or any other external thing, make changes from the inside out. That is the key to significant and lasting results! I want you to succeed, be fit and be healthy. To that end, I’ll be sharing lots of Zaftig-Approved Tips with you in 2010. I know time is precious and I am here to help you fit fitness into your busy schedule

Also, the guide and the cookbook are on schedule for release in early 2010, so I will of course keep you posted on that and let you know when it is available. There will be some free copies for my most loyal followers!

Zaftig-Approved Cooking Tip

We all know tofu is a great source for lean protein, right? But we also know it can get boring and fast! Here is a great way to keep things a bit more interesting while you tone up and trim down… What you’ll need:

Tofu (extra-firm, drained)
Freezer bags
A George Foreman grill
Any of the following:
Vinegar of your choice (balsamic, apple cider, raspberry, etc…)
Mustard (spicy, brown, or just plain yellow, whatever you have on hand – no need for added salt really)
Olive oil (you can omit for even fewer calories)
Fresh sliced garlic cloves
Spices/fresh and dried herbs (like bay leaves, black pepper, tarragon, basil, cayenne, cumin, curry, etc…)
Hot sauce (no need for salt if you use this)
Sliced habañero or jalapeno peppers
Soy Sauce (no need for salt if you use this)
Agave nectar (omit for fewer calories/carbs)

Some of my favorite combinations:
Soy sauce + honey + fresh garlic + habañero
Mustard + fresh garlic + dried or fresh tarragon
Balsamic vinegar + olive oil + fresh or dried basil + fresh garlic

Put the tofu and your flavors of choice in the bag. Burp the bag, getting all the air out, seal tightly and massage the goodies you added into the tofu. Refrigerate overnight. In the morning, put the bag in the freezer. Now you have marinated tofu in the freezer, ready to throw on the Foreman grill whenever you need a quick meal! FYI, tofu gets an even meatier texture when you freeze it.

Let’s make it a wonderful 2010!


Photo by Giovanni Sades