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Pack well for life’s journey

In Lifestyle, Spirituality, Zaftig-Approved on September 14, 2011 at 3:13 pm

The one thing you can depend on is change. Whether it is for better or for worse, change is inevitable and we must prepare to face whatever may come our way. That is easier said than done, I know. I would never suggest dealing with the challenges of life is a breeze, but it is possible if you prepare for the journey. Think of it as an expedition. Take it head on and discover your life’s purpose along the way. Here are some things to take on your trek:


Do what you must to power and sustain yourself on your journey. Fill your satchel with nutrient-dense people and experiences and remove the junk from your stash. There will be no room for people, places and things that do little more than entertain and weigh you down. While junk can sometimes entice and provide a quick boost, it will never sustain you. Surround yourself with individuals who add to the richness of your life and who allow you to add to their lives. Fill up your time with spiritual activities that increase your emotional intelligence and nourish your soul. If you find that you’ve gorged a bit on junk, step back, breathe and reassess. Re-pack your satchel and begin again now.


We all know how important water is for our bodies to function as they should. Dehydration quickly results in undesirable physical changes and, ultimately, death. But what about our emotional hydration? Examine your heart to see if it is plump with understanding and compassion or wrinkled and cracked, yearning for a swim in the waters of grace and forgiveness. Like all things that wax and wane, emotional hydration needs regular assessment. The tide will surely rise and fall. Work to keep your heart soft and full, able to absorb and release the joy and pain sure to come.


You will have to stop along the way to rest and regroup, so pack a tent and a blanket. At times, you may feel disappointed at these rest stops. You might think, “I’m not where I wish I were and I’m just sitting here. I need to get moving…” Yes, you do and you will. But take time to rest and regain strength. Build a fire in your belly at each stop to spur you on to the next leg of your quest. Remember: This is about endurance, not speed.


There is no unchartered territory and nothing new under the sun. Look to people you admire for encouragement, inspiration and direction as you walk, run and rest along the way. Be bold enough to take the road less traveled when you should, but don’t be so foolhardy that you reject words of wisdom and warnings.


This is not something you hold in your hand. It is something that dwells in your heart. Follow your intuition and trust your inner rudder. No matter which direction you go, you will have no regrets if you remain true to yourself.


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