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Your Mind, Body And Spirit Know When It’s Time For A 21-Day Detox

In Food, Lifestyle, Love/Relationships, Spirituality on May 29, 2012 at 3:45 pm

We all have things that we feel are necessary for our existence. Beyond water, oxygen and food, we have physical and spiritual needs. It is important to meet them in healthful ways and on a consistent basis. When that does not happen, disorder can easily settle into your mind, body and spirit. I recently did a 21-day detox (no animal products, alcohol, yeast breads or any processed food) and I felt wonderful. There is a direct correlation between contentment and perceived success and the level of connection you have with what keeps you grounded.

There are three major things that ground me and keep me focused.

Walking with Bella does more than get my heart rate up and my blood flowing. It also gives me an opportunity to clear my mind and to commune a bit with my furry baby, the trees and the grass. There is something very zen-like about the rhythmic sound of my shoes hitting the ground… Bella’s leash jingling occasionally. On those walks, the sun and wind feel like old friends and I love to reconnect with them.

But my true exercise love is Bikram – or “hot” – yoga. This practice consists of 26 yoga postures done in a humid room heated to between 105-115 degrees. If that sounds like torture to you, please trust me when I say it is just the opposite. I use each 90-minute class to sweat out toxins, to increase strength of every muscle in my body (including my heart) and to release stress. For me, it is akin to a full-body massage in terms of how relaxed and balanced I feel after each practice. With each drop of sweat that hits my mat, I feel stress and worry leave my body. At times, the classes are so intensely cathartic that I weep as I move through the postures, grateful my face is already flushed and wet so not even I can tell the tears from the sweat.

I also do traditional gym workouts to mix things up a bit. Plus, there are times when I enjoy the buzz of working out with other people amid the whir of 50 treadmills and elliptical machines. But I am gentle with myself in the gym during a detox program.


This is now far more simple for me than I ever realized. The reality is I feel, look and generally live, act, react and think better when I eliminate all animal products (including eggs and dairy) and processed foods (soda, yeast breads, etc…) from my diet. When I explain that, people often say, “If I did that, what could I eat?” The answer is plenty. Did you know spinach contains protein? Quinoa, legumes (for those who can properly metabolize them – I, unfortunately, cannot), avocados and nut butters are rich sources of protein, just to name a few. Note that I didn’t mention tofu. While it is a great source of nutrition for those who choose meat-free nutrition, I avoid soy for my breast health as a result of my family history.

On my detox days, I remove coffee and tea (yes, even herbal and decaffeinated tea). The only thing I drink other than spring or distilled water is coconut water and vegetable and fruit juices and smoothies I prepare at home. I eat oatmeal, rice milk, fresh and cooked fruit and vegetables, lots of simple salads (like cucumber and tomato with a little olive oil, lemon juice, salt and pepper) and homemade soups. The first couple of days can be a little trying, but after that I feel so good that it’s easy to keep going.

As I have mentioned before, these two practices are unique yet I feel they are symbiotic. For me, both are necessary for clarity and a balanced mind. It is not about praying to or for anything in particular. The most powerful changes come into my life when I use meditation and prayer to turn the focus inward, not up to the heavens. The miracles multiply in my life when I focus on gratitude for what I have, not on asking for what I think I or someone else needs.

This time around, I am also cutting out television and social networking for 21 days. I would rather use the evenings during my fast to meditate, pray and catch up on my reading.

Toxins come in many forms if you consider it. They are ingested into us through food and drink, but they are also introduced into our minds and spirits through what we hear and what we see. If your mind, body and spirit are telling you (as mine is telling me right now) that it is time for a detox, do it. It’s only 21 days and it will fly by. I start today and I will do my best to track what I eat, drink and do these days in case it inspires you to do a detox when you are ready. As always, you should definitely check with your doctor before making any drastic lifestyle changes.

Give up the common things so you can focus on what you truly need most and be amazed by what uncommon goodness comes into your life.



Vogue Curvy… a site for sore eyes

In Fashion/Style, Lifestyle on June 23, 2011 at 3:55 pm

To refer to Vogue Curvy as “Zaftig-Approved” might be the understatment of 2011. This movement, my dears, is what The Zaftig Life is all about.

Page after page is brimming with beautiful and divinely curvalicious women in all of their pleasingly-plump, oh-so-juicy fabulousness. My apologies for the adjective overload, but it can’t be helped… Take a look and see what I’m drooling, er, talking about. It’s a beautiful sight (and site) indeed…

For anyone who may still be wondering… THIS is Zaftig.

Enjoy the curves ahead… Vogue Curvy rules. That is all.

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Source for photos: Vogue Curvy (of course)

2009 Zaftig-Approved Gift Guide (pt. 7)

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Custom Energy Bars,$37.57-$41.47

Mother-son founders, Ava Bise and Anthony Flynn, created YouBar in a small commercial kitchen in Los Angeles in 2006. Their goal? To offer their homemade  protein bars to the health-conscious masses. The company creates made-to-order energy bars, catering to customers’ preferences and nutritional needs.

You choose the ingredients and the bar size, viewing the nutrition facts (fat, calories, carbs, sodium, vitamins, etc…). Each bar comes with the nutrition facts based on what you add and you get to choose the name printed on the packaging of each bar.

The company also makes custom protein shakes, trail mix and cookies. How cool is that?

Click here for more information and to order.


Monogrammed Carafe, $39

I love bedside carafes with matching tumblers. I adore the way they look and the purpose they serve, a delicious blend of pretty and practicality.

Simple, beautiful and thoughtful touches to any nightstand, be it in a master suite or a guest room, a bedside carafe is an ideal gift for someone who has just about everything. This beautiful one from Williams-Sonoma is no exception. The sleek, subtle glass design is hand-blown and features a weighted base. And an extra special touch comes into play when you add an engraved single- or triple-initial monogram.

Click here for more information.


Vegetable Storage System, $8.95-$11.95

I know lots of people who simply don’t know how or where to put vegetables when they bring them home from the market. Orka by Mastrad, the innovative company behind some of my favorite kitchen gadgets, has created a system that simplifies the storage and preservation of food.

The Orka Vegetables Keep Sack gives you a place to store onions, garlic, and potatoes, protecting them from light and delaying sprouting and rotting. The double-drawstring design lets you add new vegetables from the top and remove older ones from the bottom, making it easier to use your stash before it goes bad.

I love the way the Keep Sacks look in this picture. Hanging them keeps air circulating around your produce to reduce spoilage, and it’s a great way to make the most of the coveted space in your pantry.

Click here for more information and to order.

2009 Zaftig-Approved Gift Guide (pt. 6)

In Fashion/Style, Food, Lifestyle, Travel, Zaftig-Approved on December 8, 2009 at 6:27 pm

While many people agree breakfast is the most important meal of the day, no Zaftig woman should go without lunch. Without healthful mid-afternoon fuel, blood sugar can dip resulting in headaches, mood swings, fuzzy thinking and raging cravings.

But midday is often a difficult time to choose healthy options, especially if you are eating at your desk, chasing after little ones at home, or in the car and on-the-g0. Planning ahead is an essential step toward healthful lunch.

Go green and get creative with these boxes and bags that make for cool gifts and help people on your list make better lunch choices.

Stainless-Steel Tiffin with Insulated Bag, $52.99-$59.99

Function meets fashion when food-grade stainless steel and a beautiful insulated cover are juxtaposed in this reusable lunch box from Happy Tiffin. The “tiffin” is an age-old system of metal pans and latches that keeps food at the right temperature and separated, allowing food to be enjoyed as it was meant to be even hours after it is cooked and packed up.

This particular system features three separate levels and an integrated plate. Side latch handles keep the container secured, ensuring sauces stay where they should and not in your work bag, on your clothes or the upholstery in your car. This item is very sturdy and manufactured from food grade stainless-steel. Century-old design can’t be wrong. Ingenious…

Click here for more information.


Neoprene Lunch Totes, $21.95

There is a chance these bags might look better than the lunch inside tastes. Bold colors and interesting designs from Built NY are sure to make you stand out from rest of the lunch bunch.

Made of neoprene, the bags keep food insulated for several hours, making them perfect for busy execs, teachers, or moms who are on the run.

Cute and practical…

Click here for more information.


Zaftig-approved Goodies Bag, $9.95-$25.95

While we’re talking about going green, I would be remiss if I didn’t mention the eco-friendly bags in The Zaftig Life collection. Keep it near your keys and come morning, all you have to do is toss in a few pieces of fresh fruit, your homemade salad or sandwich, and your thermos as you head out the door. Choose from a variety of styles.

Click here and order a Zaftig-Approved Goodies bag today!

2009 Zaftig-Approved Gift Guide (pt. 5)

In Entertaining, Fashion/Style, Holiday, Lifestyle, Zaftig-Approved on December 7, 2009 at 5:26 pm

Personalized Cutting Boards, $41-$53

Well-known for beautiful baby goods, Clairebella also has an enchanting home collection. The collection includes items such as serving trays, coasters, mouse pads and plates.

But my favorite items are the personalized tempered-glass cutting boards.

They come in two sizes and a variety of patterns with your choice of lettering and fonts. The eye-catching patterns and colors make for a unique blend of fun and function. And personalization adds pop that lets the recipient know just how much thought you put into this gift. The monogram is such a classic touch…

Click here for more information.


Blooming Tea and Teapots, $8.99-$59.99

Tea is a wonderful tool when you want to create Zaftig Zen-ful moments. The warmth, the aromatics and the soothing ritual of tea helps set the mood for moments of introspection and reflection.

Well-aware of this, the people at Teaposy take the art of fine teas to the next level with their blooming teas and delicate glass pots. So charming…

Click here for more information. (Teaposy is also available on


Custom Bags and Shoes, $39.99-$175

If you have someone on your list who loves unique gifts, a bag or a pair of shoes by Dani Becca might be just the thing.

The hand-painted fashion line features bright colors, unique designs and incredible detail. The result? Shoes and bags that are sure to make you stand out in a crowd. They are perfect for the fashion-forward Zaftig girls who want to break free from the pack.

Order between now and February 15, 2010 and each item is 49.99 and under. Take advantage of the deal…

Click here for more information.

2009 Zaftig-Approved Gift Guide (pt. 4)

In Holiday, Lifestyle, Travel, Zaftig-Approved on December 4, 2009 at 7:42 pm

The Nook, $259

The new e-reader from Barnes & Noble is a great option for the nerdy Zaftig woman in your life.

Measuring 7.7- x 4.9- x 0.5-inches and weighing 11.2 ounces, the Nook is ideal for travel, with its 3.5 inch color touchscreen that features one-touch control. It’s a lot easier to pack this instead of books when you travel, especially since airlines are trying to make money off of the fact that you might need stuff inside your luggage while you travel.

Not sure what you want to read? Swipe-to-browse technology brings a whole new meaning to “thumbing through” whatever catches your eye in the virtual bookstore. B&N says the rechargeable battery will last for as long as ten days if you don’t use the built-in WiFi (802.11b/g). What’s more is the Nook comes ready for the techie in your life with AT&T 3G, 2GB of internal storage, a microSD slot, MP3 player, built-in speaker, headphone jack, micro USB port among other stuff.

The folks at B&N will let Nook owners sample e-books before they buy. Nook-ies (what I plan to call Nook owners) will also get the benefit of free WiFi while inside Barnes & Noble stores. Awesome… Click here for more info.


Embrace Sweets Brownies, $12.95-$29.95

I had the pleasure of meeting Sandra and Brandi Daniels, the mother-daughter duo behind Embrace Sweets, and trying their artisan wares several years ago when they had their business based in Cincinnati. The Daniels eventually packed up and moved to Los Angeles, but their brownies are so good I’m still raving about them. I’m not the only one who’s smitten by these gourmet treats. They were recently featured as Rachael Ray’s Snack of the Day.

Rich, fudgy perfection squared, these brownies will satisfy a chocolate craving. A 6-pack, 12-pack or 24-pack sampler would be great for a gift exchange or a stocking stuffer.

Totally worth the calories and perfect for an occasional cheat treat… Click here for more info.

2009 Zaftig-Approved Gift Guide (pt. 3)

In Fashion/Style, Lifestyle, Zaftig-Approved on December 3, 2009 at 9:27 pm

The Soft & Sexy Wrap, $58

When it comes to sweaters, what’s better than soft and sexy? Soft, sexy and versatile.

This wrap from Victoria’s Secret is fun and functional and looks absolutely amazing worn numerous ways. Whether you’re in a low-key, running-out-for-some-orange-juice mood, or you want to vamp it up a bit for a night on the town, or something in between, Vicky has you covered with this. Order soon and you get it on sale for $39 and free shipping. Available in 15 colors. Click here for more information.


Ab Circle Pro, $199

This machine is one of the few that actually live up to the infomercial. I can attest to the fact that if you put in even a few minutes a day on the Ab Circle Pro, you will feel and see great results. I have one and I promise it will kick your butt (and your gut). It also engages your hips, thighs and arms, and folds flat for under-the-bed storage.

I love the energy, the buzz and the equipment that can only be experienced with a workout at a gym. But this is a great supplement to your gym routine and a must-have for anyone who wants to whittle their middle.

For more information, go to (FYI, I saw the lowest prices on, and

2009 Zaftig-Approved Gift Guide (pt. 2)

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“Nigella Christmas: Food Family Friends Festivities” by Nigella Lawson, $35

Nigella Lawson, a perfect example of just how beautiful Zaftig truly is, is one of my favorite food celebrities.

In my imagination, she and I stroll through the grocery store together, graceful and beautiful, reveling in our full-bosomed and juicy-bottomed glory. We find little gems on the shelves and come up with recipes, she for her cookbooks and me for mine…

Nigella isn’t meeting me at the market anytime soon, but she does share some great recipes and tips in her cookbooks. Her straightforward fuss-free approach is especially welcome during the holidays. “Nigella Christmas” (or any of her other cookbooks) would be a great gift for the Zaftig woman in your life. Click here for information on where to purchase Lawson’s books and kitchenware. (You can find the book for much less than the MSRP.)


Dinner of the Month Club Membership, $269

For a luxurious treat, give the gift of three 3-course dinners from Gourmet Station. The dinners include “handmade appetizers, entrees with sauce and vegetable accompaniment and delicious dessert for two.”

The recipient can choose from a variety of cuisine packages, including “Parisian” and “Fusion.” If you want to spend more, you can spring for a longer membership. The cost of shipping is included. And I love the fact that the gift certificate doesn’t expire if the recipient needs to skip a month.

Click here for more information.

Photo by Ian Britton/

2009 Holiday Guide to Zaftig-Approved Gifts

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Whether it’s the aunt who is on a mission to make the world’s best apple pie, the new mommy who needs quick and easy recipes, the dad who is a self-proclaimed grillmaster, or the sister who likes to cook but needs a bit of help figuring out how to scramble eggs, you know and love at least one foodie and/or health nut and have one on your shopping list. Well, I know what gifts they will love.

Today marks the start of the Zaftig-Approved Gift Guide. Each day in December you will find fabulous gift ideas for the foodies and health-conscious loved ones in your life. The selections will be a range of price points and for foodies of all kinds, be they fervent or freshman. From utensils to food, to cookbooks to home decor, epicurean adventures to footwear, I’ll have lots of cool ideas for you.

Feel free to contact me if you have questions about any of the gifts, or if you have gift ideas or suggestions. Here is the first batch of Zaftig-Approved Gifts for 2009.

Stainless Steel Snack Bowls, $10.95-$19.95

These bowls are perfect for the savvy entertainer on your list. They would look great on the kitchen counter any day of the week or on a credenza during a party. Rounded, tilted and a combination of polished and brushed steel, these bowls are perfect for everything from peppermint bark to spinach dip. For more information or to purchase, go to


Vegan Gift Basket, $69.99-$99.99

This gift basket is ideal for the veg head on your list. It’s packed with 100 percent Kosher and vegan snacks, many of which are organic as well. From meatless jerky to ricemilk chocolate, this basket is sure to please.  The goodies will arrive in a bronze keepsake giftbox.

It’s perfect for anyone who is vegan or who keeps Kosher.

For more information, go to


FitFlop Clogs and Boots, $69-$200

I fell in love with FitFlops when I purchased the original flip-flop style almost two years ago. I bought a pair for myself and one for my sister. After wearing them for walks 4-5 times per week, we both noticed a change in the appearance of our legs. When I compared how my legs felt after wearing the FitFlops on my walks and how they felt when I wore my sneakers, I felt more warmth and soreness in my legs. The result? More definition in my calves and my thighs were more toned. An added bonus of my stronger legs was a decrease in lower back pain. The only problem? I live in a part of the country where it’s only practical to wear flip-flops for about three months out of the year. So kudos to the people at FitFlop for creating some cold-weather options.  The clogs and the boots have the same tone-while-you-walk Microwobbleboard™ technology, but your feet won’t freeze up while you trim down.

The boots and clogs come in a variety of styles, materials and colors, so it will be easy to find one that will be perfect for the fashion-forward and health-conscious woman on your list.

For more information and to find out where to buy FitFlop products, go to